Richard and Pauline Roccucci Park (W-51) Park

Symphony Avenue and Chorus Avenue (Map)

The two week write-in period for W-51 Park opens Monday, March 19, 2018 and ends on Monday,  April 2, 2018.  We invite you to send your comments either in support of or with additional feedback to

Public Workshop #1 Notes
Public Workshop #2 Notes

From the notes the following general schedule was provided.  Dates were added based on the schedule and dates of the references meetings.  Note the dates are estimates based on the schedule provided, there are no assurances this schedule will be maintained.

Park development is approximately a 2 year process from the first workshop to completion held in Dec 2017 (i.e. completed in approximately Dec 2019).

  • Construction is a 6-9 month process (weather dependent, would be completed in summer or dry months) – approximately April through October 2021 
  • After completion of construction a 3 month establishment period must take place before the park opens – Jan to March 2022