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October 2015


6th High School

Only one day left to get your advance questions in for the High School Superintendent

 Submit your questions here  (by Oct. 7th).


Fiddyment Farm and Westpark

to host High School Superintendent at Annual Election Meeting


Join us at 7 pm Wednesday October 14th at the Chilton Middle School – Multi-purpose room for our annual meeting and elections.

Our guest speaker will be the Roseville Unified High School District superintendent.

He will be answering your questions and concerns (submit your questions in advance here by Oct. 7th).

Check out the Westpark board nominee's short biographies here.

Come share our joint neighborhood concerns and goals.

Download the meeting flyer here


2015-2016 WNA Board Nominees

• Scott Alvord

• Dan Gergis

• Curtis Hunter

• Connie Logg

• Pratap Tarvadi (PT)

We will be electing new board members at the October 14th General Meeting (Chilton Middle School - Multi-purpose Room - 7 pm).

Each NA Board requires a minimum of five (5) volunteers to be an “Active” Neighborhood Association. RCONA provides the insurance for events, can help with partial funding, and use of City and park facilities. One representative from your board must attend monthly RCONA meetings, but people find them very informative and it’s a great place to share and learn from other NAs.

Meetings generally last less than two hours are are only once per month. There can be up to 10 board members (per our bylaws) -- enough so that the various duties are not onerous on anyone.

The WNA Bylaws require the annual election of board members. Our annual election will take place at the general membership meeting October 14 (see above).


Outdoor Irrigation Time Change Started October 5

1. Outdoor irrigation time change - One day per week starting on October 5

Starting October 5, watering times for Roseville water customers will change to one-day-per-week (drip irrigation is excluded).

In May, the City of Roseville increased its drought stage to comply with the Governor’s Executive Order and the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) aimed at reducing statewide water use for all California water agencies.

This action resulted in a citywide outdoor irrigation watering schedule, which adjusts seasonally, limiting landscape watering to achieve mandatory water reduction targets.

All customers, both residential and non-residential, can water only on Mondays between October and April 2016. This timeframe traditionally represents a period when you can limit outdoor watering because daylight hours drop, evaporation rates fall, our region experiences precipitation, and there is more moisture in your soil.

We are encouraging you or your landscape contractor to reprogram outdoor irrigation several days in advance so that you’re poised and ready once October 5 arrives.

Roseville’s water saving goal: 28 percent 
As you might recall, the water savings target for Roseville water customers is 28 percent. The State Water Board is tracking how we are doing between June of this year and February of next. To remain compliant, we need to meet an average, cumulative water savings of 28 percent by February, so higher water savings we get now, means the less savings we will need in the winter months when savings are harder to achieve.

We’re on the right track: 38.5 percent water savings combined in June, July and August
To date, customers have saved 38.5 percent over 2013 water use. In our region, most water use – and water waste – occurs outdoors. So we’re encouraging customers to continue to do their part by limiting landscape watering. This is a critical path towards significant water savings!

For more information or water saving tips, please visit www.Roseville.ca.us/savewater.

2. Groundwater system testing starting next week

Starting September 29, Environmental Utilities staff will perform system tests to our improved groundwater well infrastructure. We installed two new pump stations that will enable us to move groundwater throughout the city’s water service area. These tests will ensure that the system that operates our wells is fully calibrated and meet design specifications.

As a result, we will turn the groundwater activation button on that’s located on the home page of our website (www.Roseville.ca.us/EU). Once we complete testing, which we anticipate will take a couple of days, we will turn the groundwater activation button off.

The water you will receive during this time will be a blend of both groundwater and surface water. Should you notice a change in taste, please be assured that the water is treated and tested to meet the highest drinking water standards, and is safe to consume.
If you have questions, concerns or need additional information, please contact Maurice Chaney, Public Information Officer, at 774-5539.


Help your trees survive the drought

Trees are an important piece of our ecosystem because they improve property values, clean our water and air, and even make our streets
safer and quieter. They’re an  investment that also lasts for generations to come.

 Take these steps to protect your trees:

• Aerate the soil so that air and water can more easily get to the roots.
• Deep water your trees every three to four weeks. Here’s what to do:
1 – Water the root zone under the tree’s canopy and about a foot beyond the drip line.
2 – Let the water soak in for an hour.
3 – Repeat the watering cycle until soil is moist eight inches below the surface.

Find more tree survival tips at BeWaterSmart.info.


Public Safety News & Tips -- Halloween Safety Tips, It’s Fire Prevention Week

Halloween is an exciting time of the year for children. To help ensure they have a safe holiday, here are some tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics. (read more here)


Community meetings planned for proposed water rate restructure, increase

The City of Roseville Environmental Utilities is holding two community meetings in October to update customers on proposed changes to the water utility rate structure and proposed rate increase.
We invite customers to hold the date for one of the community meetings planned for late October as staff finalizes the proposed changes.

Beginning in early October, staff will distribute detailed information about the proposed changes by:

• Providing direct notice to Roseville water customers outlining specific proposed rate increases and changes to the water utility rate structure

• Posting information to the city's webpage and social media channels, as well as providing information in e-newsletters

• Distributing information and meeting with key community and stakeholder groups

Community meetings and next steps

Those interested in learning more are encouraged to attend a community meeting. The proposed rate changes will be presented at the Public Utilities Commission meeting on October 27, and at a public hearing at the City Council meeting on December 2.

October 20
Martha Riley Library
1501 Pleasant Grove Boulevard
4:30 p.m.

October 22
Maidu Community Center
1550 Maidu Drive
6 p.m. 


Police Encourage You to Stay-Connected

If you are not already receiving police and crime updates from the Roseville Police Department, here’s how to sign up:

1.Go to the City of Roseville’s website: www.roseville.ca.us/enotify
2.Click on “new subscription”
3.Check “Public Safety and neighborhood News,” and any other City publications you’re interested in. Fill out the information with your name, email address and any password you want, and hit “submit”.
4.You’ll automatically receive bulletins in your email at least once a week for as long as you want to subscribe.


Mark Your Calendars:

• October 14th - WNA & FFNA Annual Meeting & Elections - Chilton Middle School - Multi-purpose Room, 7 pm

• October 20th - Community meetings planned for proposed water rate restructure, increase - Martha Riley Library, 1501 Pleasant Grove Boulevard, 4:30 p.m.

• October 22th - Community meetings planned for proposed water rate restructure, increase - Maidu Community Center, 1550 Maidu Drive, 6 p.m.

• October 27th - Neighborhood Watch Informational Meeting - Roseville Police Department, 1051 Junction Blvd., Mark White Room, 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

• November 9th - WNA & FFNA Public Board Meeting - Chilton Middle School - Library, 7 pm


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